Inexpensive ways to decorate for the Holidays at 1825 Inn

INNexpensive ways to decorate for the holidays

”Christmas Leftovers” has a whole new meaning here at The 1825 Inn…

Do you think ” What can I do different and inexpensive this year to decorate?”

Start planning ahead and gathering things from your Christmas boxes, grab your hot glue gun, paints and start roaming around the woods for some pine cones, evergreens or anything natural around your yard, so you can make your home as festive as it can be. You don’t need a big budget because these projects are all low cost or basically NO cost.

Simple centerpieceNice little centerpiece…

Take a 15 oz.can, hot glue burlap around. Then hot glue Christmas lights and some leftover garland pieces. Just add water, fill with greens….Viola….Nice little centerpiece!!



Basket of pine cones…

Just throw some pine cones in a basket for a rustic look, we fortunately have a Sugar Gum Tree with unusual looking fruit which we collected and dried. Spray painted a few white, left some natural



Yard sale candle holder…

Here we had a rusty candle holder.Added pine cones and a poinsettia, again a nice rusty rustic focal point on our porch.






Wagon Wheel with a DSC_0305simple wreath…

Self explanatory…lol







Sleigh Ride…

Simple idea and totally neat. If you have sleds not being used, just lean them against a pole.



Save those corks!!!

Just add Epsom salt for snow, add corks ,few tiny pine cones, some greens and a flickering candle. Rustic , yet elegant!!!


Hope I gave you a few ideas of things you have around your home and make your home as cozy and warm as
ours. Happy Holidays, David

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