Hershey Antique Auto Museum, Hershey B&B

Antique Auto Museum at Hershey

Muscle Car Mania Factory
Performance Cars 1960-1973

04/23 till 09/06/2010

Muscle cars are one of the hottest commodities in the car world. They dominate the auctions and the car shows, just as they did the streets 40 years ago. AACA has gathered together a collection of 20 of the most desirable models of the muscle car era, which began in the 1960s and ended rather abruptly in the early 1970s, a victim of a combination of changing pollution, safety and insurance regulations coupled with the first gas crisis. Visitors will see the legendary Chevy “409,” which was immortalized by the Beach Boys in the early 1960s. Muscle Cars came in many different forms in the 1960s and early 70s. While most high-performance power plants during this era were installed in sporty coupes and convertibles, even the family sedan or station wagon could be ordered with a really big engine, including Chrysler’s fabled “Hemi”.

1825 Inn B&B is located only five miles from
Hershey Antique Auto Museum

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