B&B or Hotel You Might Just Agree!


Photos of 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast, Palmyra
This photo of 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast is courtesy of TripAdvisor
When planning a trip do you automatically reach for the yellow pages of your phone book to find that 1-800 number to a national chain hotel?  Okay, that’s good.  And safe.  You know what you’re getting.
On the other hand…have you ever wondered what it might be like to venture out of your area of comfort and consider a stay at a B&B? If you enjoy staying with family or friends, this option might just be a contender for your travel stay repertoire. 
Personal attention to detail is a mainstay of your visit.  Think of your innkeeper as a second mom…expect a warm welcome, a soul-satisfying breakfast (some pretty nice snacks, too), great tips about where to dine and what exciting adventures await in your immediate surrounds.  If destressing is your goal a walk around the grounds might just be for you…or enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea in the gathering room.  Choose a book from the library or a puzzle in the game room.  Muscles screaming after a busy day out?  A massage can be arranged for you..


Get the picture?  Hotels certainly have their time and place, but if it is the intimacy, peace and quiet and a feeling of coming home…a B&B could be just right for this time and this place.
Post written by Will McQueen

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