Hersheypark Insider Tips, 2014


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With summer in full swing and the possibility of a trip to Hersheypark in your near future, if you haven’t been to the park before there are some hints that may just make your fantastic visit even more fantastic!

Maybe the best idea ever…The Preview Plan.  With your next day’s ticket, you can enjoy 2 1/2 hours prior to the park closing free.  For example, if you arrive Sunday evening after 7:30 pm and purchase or present your tickets for Monday, there are no additional charges.  Also, pay for parking that evening and there is no charge for the next day’s parking.  This is a wonderful way to scope out the park and plan your strategy for the next day!

Another good deal…Hersheypark Meal Tickets.  With over twenty-five different locations, including vegetarian options, you can save up to 25% and choose the time and place for your refreshment break…sometimes it can be difficult to choose between another coaster ride or taking time out for something to munch.

Love games?  Discount Game Vouchers can be purchased at Hospitality Services located just inside the main gate.  For $15 you will receive $29 dollars worth of vouchers for 13 games located throughout the park.

For more great ideas and tips be sure to check the website …..and make the most of your visit to Hersheypark!


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