Roller Coasters at Hersheypark

If you’re a thrill-seeker with a sweet tooth, look no further than the roller coasters at Hersheypark! Nestled in the chocolate paradise of Hershey, Pennsylvania, this historic amusement park has satisfied the adrenaline-filled hearts of young and old for over a century. The summer months in Pennsylvania make it the perfect time to grab your family and friends and plan a trip to experience the excitement of roller coasters at Hersheypark.

Seek Vengeance on Wildcat’s Revenge

Be first in line to experience Hersheypark’s brand-new hybrid coaster! This wooden and steel coaster takes riders over 140-foot hills, runs across the track at 62 mph, pulls you over an 82-degree drop, and sends you through the world’s largest underflip. Wildcat’s Revenge will be one of the largest and most iconic roller coasters in the United States this 2023 summer.

And if you’re yearning to be in line first, check out Hersheypark’s Fast Track™ pass to skip the lines.

Jump On the Jolly Rancher Remix

Like most, we’re sure you have a favorite Jolly Rancher flavor. Perhaps you like the sour twist of green apple or the soft sweetness of blue raspberry. Whichever fruity flavor makes your mouth water can also send your heart pounding with excitement when you ride the Jolly Rancher Remix. You can choose your favorite colorful cart and experience a different ride than your friends and family. Each cart takes you for a ride with different lights, music, and more! Add Jolly Rancher Remix to your list of to-dos at Hersheypark so you can enjoy the soaring swirls of this reimagined, family-friendly coaster. 

Coast Atop Candymonium Coaster

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit Hersheypark or if you, like many, haven’t visited the park since the pandemic, be sure to beeline for the tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster in Hershey: Candymonium! This record-breaking track reaches heights of up to 210 feet, speeds along the 4,600-foot track at 76 mph, sends riders over seven stomach-churning hills and allows you to climb aboard one of three chocolate-themed carts. This coaster is a must during your next visit to Hersheypark.

Ride Through History On Comet

New roller coasters bring an abundance of thrill to all ages, but that doesn’t mean we could ever forget the history and initial thrill of rides like Comet. For 75 years, Comet has been taking its riders along its tracks and leaving them with smiles and new memories. After its initial construction in 1946, Comet was the largest roller coaster in America! People traveled from near and far to ride this adrenaline-pumping coaster. This classic wooden attraction stands as a nod to the past as it pulls you over heart-pumping bunny hills and connects you to the history of thrill-seekers such as yourself.

An Experience For All

Since 1906, Hersheypark has been an exciting experience for people of all ages and amusement type preferences. To this day, whether you’re a coaster lover or just enjoy the overall atmosphere of amusement parks, you’ll have a grand ol’ time. Hersheypark also offers haunted house experiences, a zoo, shopping, arcades, and of course, a plethora of chocolate. So strap in, hold on tight, and get ready to embark on a day of laughter, stomach-flipping, and adventure. 

End the Day the Right Way

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We look forward to seeing you soon and hearing all about your time on the roller coasters at Hersheypark!

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