Tesla Car Charging Station..Now at the 1825 Inn

Photo of black Tesla car charger against white stone wall

Tesla charger (High Power Call Connector)

In this ever-changing world of energy consciousness, we are pleased to now be able to offer this charging service at the Inn…With the addition of the charger, people traveling through the Hershey area will have the opportunity to locate our station by GPS so they can plan their trip accordingly and know exactly where on our property it is located.

How it works…simply plug your car into a charging station…. Charger is  for the Model S, working to deliver up to 80amp of direct current (DC) right to the battery.

Where to find Charger stations…presently the best way to find stations is via the website which has a charger map. As the popularity has increased, more stations are being added continually. Stations can be found in the United States, Europe and Asia.

To find out a lot more information and where stations are located, please visit the Tesla  website

Image courtesy of the 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast

Book now at 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast right next to Hershey PA..where you can recharge your battery as well as that of your car!


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