Your Guide to Fall Foliage

Here in Pennsylvania, we get all four seasons in glorious display. Winter wraps us in a blanket of snow. Spring blossoms with bright blooms. Summer brings the warmth and lush greenery. And fall is a spectacular show of bright yellow, fiery red, and zingy orange peppering the landscape. It begs the question, Why haven’t you scheduled your fall vacation with us for you to enjoy the changing of seasons? Here is your guide to fall foliage in Hershey Harrisburg, PA to get the best of this glorious season.

All you need to do now is reserve a cozy suite at our 1825 Inn and make a note to pack your favorite scarf. 

When To Visit PA for Fall Foliage

Mid-October is the essential time to visit Pennsylvania for fall foliage. You’re not taking any chances on weather being unnecessarily warm, nor are you too early for the display of vivid colors. Even Goldilocks would say, “It’s just right.”

The hues will be at their fall peak turning into sharp and vibrant shades of crimson, amber, and gold, with an occasional splash of pink and burgundy. The refreshing, crisp weather will nip at your nose and tickle your ears while you catch a few falling leaves out of the corner of your eye.

Where To Go in PA to See Fall Foliage


This beautiful location checks all the boxes – waterfalls, trails, mountains, far-away shots of foliage, and up close and personal views of individual leaves. You can hike, kayak, and fish your way through your fall day at this expansive gorge, or find one of the many viewing platforms and just take in the beauty. 


Home to the state’s tallest waterfalls, this recreation area is a must-see while visiting. Raymondskill Falls is the tallest waterfall at 150 feet and boasts two viewing stations, one above and one below, for you to take in all its glory. From above, you’ll be able to see the water falling amidst the trees as it splashes the burgundy foliage on its way down. From the lowest point, you’re below the trees and surrounded by a gray sea of rocks. 


Sometimes, nothing beats just hopping in the car and driving along a winding road that’s surrounded by fall foliage. That’s why we added Route 32. You can weave your way through the changing colors while the wind twirls the fallen leaves along your path. Stop in the quaint town of New Hope for a millefeuille and espresso at C’est La Vie French Bakery and Cafe. It’s the perfect spot for a delectable pick-me-up and quiet views of the foliage along the Delaware River. 


We can’t send you on a tour of the fall foliage without bringing you right back to us and our thoughtfully curated backyard oasis. Spend some time on our benches or chairs on the property to enjoy the tranquility of your home away from home. The trees embrace you with shade as they gently rain fallen leaves onto your head. Our blooming gardens sleepily hang on to the last of the flowers to give you one final goodbye show. Our footpaths guide you through serenely as the cool fresh air gently reddens your cheeks and Fall beckons you in to enjoy her fruitful labors. 

Reserve your fall retreat at 1825 Inn soon by calling us at 717-838-8282 or booking online.

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