Top 7 Hiking Trails Near Hershey, PA

Discover the natural wonders and scenic beauty on the top 7 hiking trails just a stone’s throw from Hershey, PA. These top hiking trails offer an array of captivating sights that are sure to engage any outdoor enthusiast. From strolls along tranquil creeksides to invigorating treks through rugged terrain, these trails provide the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of vacationing at 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast. Reconnect with the serene beauty of nature near Hershey! 

Short Hikes and Walking Trails

Schiavoni Park and McNaughton Park Trail

2.6 Miles | Easy | Paved

Spend less than an hour on this out-and-back walking trail along Swatara Creek. Schiavoni Park and McNaughton Park Trail follows lush open fields and babbling water. Chill on benches along the path. It is a popular trail, especially during the warm months. Pack a picnic to have at McNaughton and Schiavoni, the destination points connected by this paved walkway. 

Reservoir Park Path

2.3 Miles | Easy | Paved 

Another great recreational trail just outside of Harrisburg, Reservoir Park Path, doubles as a Pennsylvania history loop. This walking trail near Hershey, PA, starts at the National Civil War Museum and takes you along art installations, informational markers, and rolling fields. It is a great open space for an afternoon stroll, as there is little shade, and it can get hot during the warmer months. There is also plenty of parking. 

Pond, Creek, Coach, Janie, and East Trail Loop

2.3 Miles | Easy | Unpaved 

Are you looking to get out of the city? Follow Pond, Creek, Coach, Janie, and East Trail Loop for a better look at PA wildlife and nature. Wander through Boyd Big Tree Preserve, a popular location for birding and leaf peeping in the fall. This unpaved, wooded loop takes about one hour to complete and passes by trickling creeks. Bring your binoculars, plenty of water, and a camera to snap pics of the fantastic nature views.   

Wildwood Way and Canal Townpath

3.1 Miles | Easy | Unpaved 

Wildwood Way and Canal Townpath are on the edge of Harrisburg, PA. Adjacent to the Susquehanna River and among rolling hillscapes, Wildwood Park comes alive with wildflowers and wildlife in the warmer months, providing a pleasant walkway for visitors. Spend your day strolling, picnicking, and visiting the nature center. Pick up mementos like ornaments, soaps, and decorative tiles at the nature center—the perfect gift for friends and family back home.  

A couple walking on a paved path with water and trees in the background

Longer Hikes and Walking Trails

Jonathan Eshenour Memorial Trail

3.9 Miles | Easy | Mostly Paved 

Embark on a longer journey on this hiking trail near Hersheypark: Jonathan Eshenour Memorial Trail. At close to four miles, this is a popular trail for birders and walkers alike. The trail provides a mix of scenery through local neighborhoods, next to ponds and waterways, and down wooded dirt sections. If you hope to avoid sharing the path with bikers, continue down the nature trail. Keep an eye out for deer! These friends love to graze on the grasses and leaves.   

Round Top Trail

4.1 Miles | Moderate | Unpaved

Lace-up your boots a little tighter for Round Top Trail. This four-mile, moderate hike is less trafficked than most on our list. It takes you through State Game Lands and is perfect for exploring natural PA habitats. Keep an eye out for nesting warblers. Hike to the top to view the Susquehanna River and the surrounding area. It is ideal for those looking to embark off the beaten trail and venture into profound nature.

Cove Mountain to Duncannon via Appalachian Trail

15.1 Miles | Hard | Unpaved 

For backpackers, strong hikers, and extreme nature lovers, Cove Mountain to Duncannon via Appalachian Trail is the hike for you! Beginning at Cove Mountain Shelter, you will traverse rocky outcrops and lush forests, pausing at scenic overlooks to admire panoramic views. The rugged landscapes and tranquil vistas promise an unforgettable outdoor experience for hikers of all skill levels looking to take on a challenge. 

Kick-up Your Tired Feet

These 7 top hiking trails near Hershey, PA, offer a range of appeal for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you prefer paved paths winding through historic landmarks or unpaved trails meandering through pristine forests, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Are you looking for a sweeter adventure? After a day of hiking, take on the Central PA Chocolate Trail. Your stay at 1825 Inn Bed and Breakfast will be nothing short of sweet! 

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