Lewis Black The Rant Is Due: Part Deux at Hershey Theatre

Ad for Comedian Lewis Black in black, white and red depicting Lewis as King Kong with Empire State Building and airplanes circling







Returning to the Hershey Theatre is Grammy Award winning stand up comedian Lewis Black…

Garnering quite a few titles behind that name: Comedian, playwright, author, social critic and actor; Mr. Black is known for his comedic discordance.  Rants about the ridiculous are his bailiwick, and successfully so!

In his latest tour of Lewis Black The Rant Is Due: Part Deux, he takes on everything and everybody “and anything else that exposes the hypocrisy and madness he sees in the world”….from politics to social media, nothing is sacred (which is also the title of one of the books he has authored, Nothing’s Sacred). He has described his humor as “being on the Titanic every single day and being the only person who knows what is going to happen.”

His educational background is in drama and includes degrees and time spent at University of Maryland,  UNC at Chapel Hill and the Yale School of Drama.

Note: While his performances are hugely funny, they are geared toward an adult audience.

Date: Sunday, January 18, 2015

Show Time: 7:00 PM

Admission: $42.50, $49.50 and $65.00


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